About Us

“OpenMind Home Tutors ” is the next generation educational company which focuses on technology empowered learner centric personalized education. Through its personalized classes and innovative methodologies, “OpenMind Home Tutors ” attempts to breathe new life into existing educational system. The services of “OpenMind Home Tutors ” are offerings include Private Tutorial and Technology Empowered Training at your home.

Education Technology:

With the advent of sophisticated technologies (including social media and mobility), a lot of changes in the educational arena have been observed. “OpenMind Home Tutors ” intends to harness this power of technology to the fullest extent and make its benefit available to customers at a minimal cost. Among other things, “OpenMind Home Tutors ” curates web to create beautiful learning content, digitizes extraordinary offline classes occurring across the nation and helps schools and colleges go online. “OpenMind Home Tutors ” also conducts online tests under various streams.

Along with leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience of students, “OpenMind Home Tutors ” also partners with educational institutions to help them benefit from the usage of technology thus assisting them to innovate and differentiate.

“OpenMind Home Tutors ” firmly believes that technology is just an enabler and the role of great teachers can never be substituted. “OpenMind Home Tutors ” makes a constant endeavor in roping the best teachers across the nation and consistently attempts to improve its knowledge delivery process and methodologies.